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Post 1/16/16 - Designing HorrorWorld

The first post since last year. Recently, I had started development of a game/interactive web site. The website is designed to have images on each page, usually some text, a link to a another page or two, and a sound or song playing in the background. Not too much of a game, as there isn't necessarily a goal, but you can still play it. The images are Halloween Gifs, the music is a MIDI or an 8khz WAV, and the text is likely generated on I was inspired to create this game by an elderly website which has been dead for a decade that I had used to commonly visit. If the site was still alive, I'd be stealing the idea entirely. Anyways, I had started to put the pages together, hoping to get at least 30-35 pages. After several weeks, I had ended up with only 2. This project had not seen much progress, and I am on the wall of whether or not to stop development entirely. I will update as soon as my decision is finalized.


Post 12/23/15 - Creating a 30-second animation on old 3D software

Today, me and my brother (who unfortunately does not have a Neocities account yet) thought of a brilliant idea :  create a 3D animation. We have attempted this multiple times, but we usually lacked in effort and commonly canceled because of difficult 3d animation programs. We tried at another angle today by making an animation using my favorite simple 3D program that I also use with my FloppyJay animated gifs. Our goal was to make a minute long animation that runs at 10fps (600 frames, kids). This goal was not achieved, as you may have presumed due to the title of this post, but our 30 seconds was good enough. We single-handedly rendered each and every frame on this program until we had no idea what to do next. Finally, the project was done at about 30 seconds long. I wish I could post it here, but it's slightly offensive and 30mb. Instead, I selected a number of screenshots. If you readers want to see it and don't really care about a stupid animation with a phrase that may be considered offensive, then please send an email to me so I can privately link it to you.


Post 12/22/15 - Why did I take

Today, a thought came to me. I decided to watch the MacWorld SF 2000 Apple Keynote by Steve Jobs and when he was introducing the iTools mail (now iCloud), he mentions that he was lucky to be able to get the first username (the most simple) That is a fucking luxury. I then started to scout for awesome Neocities site names like "" and "", and to my surprise and also slightly not my surprise, they were taken. Good news was that a lot of ones that I liked weren't taken. For example, . I think this one was a great one because my favorite genre of 90s websites were creepy horror themed websites. But since the fuckin' net started turning into a pile of garbage, none of my all-time favorites exist anymore. Yep, that is one horrible post.